Monday, March 9, 2015

State Library Databases

I want to thank Joyce Valenza of the "Neverending Search" blog on SLJ's website for providing this bird's eye view of the databases available within each state, courtesy of their state library system. I live in New Hampshire, and I teach in Massachusetts. My students not only hail from these two states, but from Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut as well. Additionally, I'm often collaborating with teachers in New York and still other states. To have, in one spot, links to all of the state library systems is fabulous. I can share this graphic with all of the teachers with whom I work, regardless of what state they teach in, so that they can be informed about what databases are available to them.  

This is what the map looks like over on the SLJ site. Just hover over your state (and be patient if, like me, you're in New England where the states are small and close together), and a link will pop up to your state library system.

I keep waiting for there to be a time when most the teachers with whom I work already know about these databases. But for whatever reason, as Joyce affirms from her experiences, people seem to remain unaware of them. 

She also offers all the reasons why it's valuable to make use of subscription services.  So, here's a message in a bottle, to help get the word out. Thanks, Joyce!  

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  1. Thanks Mary Ann - this is truly wonderful. I fight this battle every single day to get people to use our databases. It is a neverending story!!! Thanks to Joyce for taking the time to compile this. Notice that California - a state that has a larger GNP than most third world nations offers no databases. This is just sad. Thanks to NOVELny for New York State we use these resources all the time and encourage use regularly.