Monday, September 1, 2014

The Nonfiction Minute Goes Live

            Just in time for the opening of school, The Nonfiction Minute goes live on September 8.  At that time, every day on the website, there will be a new short piece of nonfiction writing as well as a recording of the author reading it. These are all original, all free, and most important, they are all written by outstanding nonfiction writers for children and YAs.

            The authors of The Nonfiction Minute are all members of iNK—Interesting Nonfiction for Kids and you can check out their website at to learn more about them. Sharing these minutes is a great way to focus attention on nonfiction...even if it’s only for a minute. Of course, you could easily extend these encounters for a lot longer. You could follow up by reading aloud from some of these authors’ books.

            Even before September 8, seven nonfiction minutes have already been posted and are available now. That’s enough material to get you started. You will find nonfiction minutes by authors Andrea Warren, Alexandra Siy, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, Vicki Cobb, David Schwartz, and Cheryl Harness. These minutes just might be enough to spark your students’ interest in reading for—let’s say—a nonfiction half-hour. 


  1. Thanks for getting the word out, Myra. We iNK authors are very excited about this opportunity to provide teachers with a new and special tool for getting their students engaged in learning--our 'minutes' are designed to arouse curiosity and get kids to want to learn more. We hope teachers will try out the Nonfiction Minute and see how they can use it to inspire their students. We welcome any suggestions on ways to use the Nonfiction Minute on our Facebook page,

  2. Even though I will be one of the authors contributing to The Nonfiction Minute, I am looking forward to reading it every day to see the fascinating things my colleagues have written. I know they will all be amazing.