Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come One Come All

Announcements One Personal, One General

Personal: On September 6 at 2 PM I will be speaking (along with Betsy Bird) at the first New York Public Library Literary Salon of the fall. The subject will be how nonfiction (what a surprise) for younger readers has changed and is changing, and some of the new directions in both materials and how to use them we can look forward to. The talk/discussion will be in the Berger Forum on the 2nd Floor of the great 42nd St. Library.

General: Sue Bartle and I have talked and written about Text Sets here and elsewhere, and, of course, Mary Ann is the co-author of Teaching With Text Sets. Student Achievement Partners has announced that their first Text Set workshop will be held in Chicago September 16-17. This two day workshop will train teams of teachers and librarians in how to work together to craft K-5 groupings of materials that both build knowledge and increase in text complexity. Sue will be going and, I hope, reporting back to this blog. As I understand it the group hotel rate lasts only until this Friday. Here is the basic information, from SAP:

How do we become part of the Text Set Project?
1.        Assemble a team (1-2 librarians and 3-5 educators) and register for one of the Conferences listed above through the Council of the Great City Schools.
2.       Inquire about sponsoring an additional regional training in your state or district in the spring of summer of 2015 with Meredith Liben
3.       Look for and use the Text Sets as they start coming on line starting in late October 2014 on or

4.       Use the training materials and the spreadsheet of most commonly taught social studies and science topics K-5 to create your own text set project. Available in late September. 


  1. Sounds great! Any plans to extend this to grades 6-8?

  2. yes, we do plan to extend it; but the principles involved are the same, so learning how to construct sets for K-5 can be useful for any age/grade.