Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Reading Quest - Gather Round

Last Week, Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Dawes presented a SLJ webinar titled:
Text Sets: Blueprints for Curriculum Building

Yesterday, Marc and I did a SLJ Webinar titled: 
On the Road with CCSS: Issues and Solutions to Implementation

Both webinars will be archived for listening at a later date but there is a fee for these webinars.
Click this link for more details.

Two lists - One Great Summer Reading Opportunity!

I mentioned during the webinar that I would be posting today on our blog.
My topic today is about summer reading.  Not summer reading for students but your summer reading - librarians, teachers, administrators, parents, librarians - yes I said librarians more than once.

I need your help

Every time  I do a workshop on Common Core and Nonfiction either Marc or I ask the audience of librarians and teachers if they have read book x or heard of book y.  Guess what the vast majority of attendees say?  Ok, stop guessing, the answer is they have not.  Now I know they are interested at some level about nonfiction when they attend a workshop because they are self-selected to attend. 

Here is your chance for active participation.  Click on the links to the surveys and provide your recommendations.  I have already added Claudette Colvin:  Twice Told Justice by Phillip Hoose to the reading list.  I mention this book at most of our Common Core Lens workshops.  Sadly, not many people raise their hand when I ask who has read it.  I always tell attendees there is a reason you see four medallions on the cover of this book.

Click this link to share your nonfiction recommendations. 
You can recommend titles from Kindergarten to Adulthood.

Click this link to share professional and thought provoking book recommendations.

The first book I put on this list is Amanda Ripley's book - The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way.  If you want to get a sense where our education system is - here is the book to read.  Well-written and fast paced. 

Need your recommendations by Friday, May 16th to compile these two lists.  I will post the lists on our blog here just as soon as they are compiled. 

Thanks for your help in advance.

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