Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glad to be back here with the team. I am blogging about our starting this up again in my SLJ blog. One thing that I am seeing -- and would love to hear about from all of you -- is the many, many different CCres. That is, the implementation, who is doing the work (school and/or public librarians; teachers; literacy coaches; admins; parents), the nature of the challenge, the assessments, vary from state to state. So while the standards are the same and many aspects of the CC are the same, the experience on the ground varies widely. While I hear about states bowing out, resistance, parents opting out of tests, I am seeing a lot "can do," "give me suggestions," "how can I help" spirit.

So might be nice to build a kind of state by state grid -- what is going on in each state. What information sources are librarians using -- their own? Ideas from other states? Which? That way we can start to see who can help whom, and how. 

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