Saturday, September 8, 2012

From Reading Rockets -

"Reading Rockets recently interviewed Marc Aronson about the importance of reading nonfiction in developing critical thinking skills. "

"In this video interview, nonfiction children's author and historian Marc Aronson talks about why he thinks the new Common Core State Standards could be transformational to teaching and learning. Aronson says that the Common Core supports close, rigorous reading of informational text and encourages students to ask "what's the evidence?" He makes the case that reading across texts to uncover a full range of facts and opinions helps strengthen critical thinking skills.
Aronson suggests ways that parents can encourage their kids to read nonfiction books. He also invites teachers to turn to librarians for their expertise in identifying really great nonfiction for the classroom." 

This video interview is presented in six segments:

1. Reading to Learn - Aronson believes you can get most kids to read by helping them to find subjects that they are really curious about. (Segment:  4 min., 55 seconds)

2. Common Core a New Set of Learning Standards - Aronson talks about the value of close, rigourous reading of informational text. (Segment:  3 min., 24 seconds)

3. Evidence and Nuance in Nonfiction Text - Common Core encourages students to ask "what's the evidence?" Reading across text to uncover a full range of facts and opinions helps strengthen critical thinking skills. (Segment:  2 min., 53 seconds)

4. Teaching the Common Core:  Aronson believes that one of the most important things a teacher can do is introduce students to juxtaposed texts and points of view. (Segment: 4 min., 2 seconds)

5. How parents can encourage nonfiction reading - Many parents did not grow up reading nonfiction.  Today the selection for richly researched and illustrated nonfiction is much broader than a generation ago. (Segment:  3 min., 54 seconds)

6. Finding great nonfiction - Teachers and parents should consult with librarians about nonfiction for children.  They're the experts and the library is a great place to start. (Segment:  4 min. 1 second)

If you are not familiar with Reading Rockets - please take the time to explore their web site.  I had the opportunity to learn about their program early on in their development at one of the first National Book Festival in DC.  This year the festival will be help on September 22-23 on the National Mall in DC.  The theme is year is "Books That Shaped America."   You can download the poster at the Festival web site.

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  1. The link to the Reading Rockets interview is incorrect - it brings you to Kathleen Odean's blog on Common Core Non-fiction